+ Brother Lutwin Dollwet, SVD
1937 - 201437 55 57 63 ** 14
Vivat Deus Unus et Trinus
in Cordibus Nostris
Pie in Domino defunctus est
Biography of Bro. Lutwin
Bro. Lutwin Dollwet was born in Merzig (Bietzen), Diocese of Trier in Germany, on the 25th April 1937.
He entered the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) in 1955.
This picture, apparently taken in 1961, shortly after his arrival in Ghana, shows young (24 years) handsome Bro. Lutwin (on the right) in the traditional dress.
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On the 8th September 1963 he professes his final vows in Nsawam in Ghana.
In Ghana Bro. Lutwin worked as a missionary for incredible 45 years!
During this time he had many different responsibilities ...
On the 9th September 2007 he celebrated his golden jubilee of his religious vows (50 years) while on holidays in St. Wendel in Germany. Bro Lutwin prepared a jubilee picture of Mother Mary and on the other side he printed the following text from psalm 91:1-2:
"You who live in the shelter of the Most High, who abide in the shadow of the Almighty,
will say to the LORD, "My refuge and my fortress; my God, in whom I trust."
He also wrote: "It is better to light a candle than to complain about the darkness".
Bro. Lutwin kept his missionary spirit alive all his life. In 2006, following the invitation of Bishop Frank Nubuasah, SVD of Francistown, he came to work in Botswana.
He became the manager of the Mater Spei College in Francistown, a large government aided school.
Many people saw in him a good daddy, who had compassion, was always ready to help or give advice, who was very interested in people and their welfare. Many trusted him and asked for help.
His golden hands became almost legendary - he could do so many things. He was responsible for the general maintenance of the school, worked as a school photographer, media man, producer of materials, producer of student ID cards and many other things.
Over his long professional life he gathered tremendous knowledge and experience and he was always ready to learn new things - he was always updated in regards to modern communication and IT.
Soon after his arrival in Botswana he took another very responsible and difficult job of the provincial treasurer of the Botswana Province of the Divine Word Missionaries. In June 2014 he was reappointed to continue as a finance man of the Society of the Divine Word in Botswana Province.
As a religious brother he was a man of community. In his humility he was the first to say sorry, and he did said it to confreres who could be his grandchildren.
He knew the value of community life, of doing things together, having quality time together, enjoy things together... He loved to travel and was always ready to visit others if the possibility was there.
Bro. Lutwin loved not only people but also nature. He took many photographs of various creatures or landscapes. He knew how to handle snakes and scorpions, he even kept them while in Ghana.
He also loved cocacola...
Bro. Lutwin was also very honest about his weaknesses. He openly shared with many of us his story of struggle with alcohol. Not long ago he celebrated 25 years without drinking any alcohol - this battle he won! This story was an inspiration for many. Because of his experience he was able to help many people struggling with alcohol or other problems. He trusted in God and in God,s power to overcome difficulties of life.
He professed his first vows on the 8th September 1957 in St. Wendel in Germany.
Soon he was sent as a missionary to Ghana on the 24th April 1961.
Wendelinushof was the place of the initial religious life formation of Bro. Lutwin.
You can dowload the file on the left with images of that place.
St. Wendel Mission House was the second place of formation.
This file contains images of the cemetary in St. Wendel. Bro. Lutwin will rest there.