+ Bro. Lutwin Dollwet, SVD
+ Brother Lutwin Dollwet, SVD
1937 - 201437 55 57 63 ** 14
Vivat Deus Unus et Trinus
in Cordibus Nostris
Pie in Domino defunctus est
Bro. Lutwin Dollwet, SVD
Born: 25th April 1937 in Merzig in Germany
First vows: 8th September 1957 in St Wendel, Germany
Final vows: 1963 in Nsawam, Ghana
In the mission: 24th April 1961 goes to Ghana
Missionary work in Ghana: 1961 - 2006 (45 years!)
Missionary work in Botswana: 2006 - 2014
Died: 17th November 2014 in Hospital in Germany

+ Bro. Lutwin Dollwet, SVD


by SVD Botswana Province on 11/19/14

Life comes from our Lord and ends in Him, and those who die in the Lord are like mount Zion, it shall never be shaken.

Bro. Lutwin joined Mater Spei College in 2006, as a manager of the school. He was aged in life but fought very hard to be at school at all times to discharge his duties by making sure that the school provides quality education of the highest standard and prepare students as responsible citizens.

He tried to ratify all the power cuts that were frequent at the College. He did much maintenance in the school and these have saved the school much finance. On several occasions he was called at night to attend to water leakages at school, and he never turned that down.

He got to know most of the students by name and character since he was the one doing their identity cards (tags) and also taking pictures for the school during occasions. He was very friendly and generous to the staff and students. He supported some students and staff who needed his help.

On Friday, 21st November, 2014, we as Mater Spei College people, together with his religious community and other people, will celebrate his life and pray for the repose of his soul. We pray that God will have mercy on him and count him among his saints in heaven. We shall remember you, dear Bro. Lutwin. Rest in the perfect peace of the Lord.


Rev. Fr. Francis Atta Aidoo (school chaplain)

Bro. Lutwin died!

by SVD Botswana Province on 11/17/14

With great sadness I would like to inform you that today, in the morning, 17th November 2014, Bro. Lutwin passed away in St. Joseph Catholic Hospital in Troisdorf in Germany. Let us pray for his soul and celebrate his long life of missionary service in Ghana and in Botswana (more than 50 years!).

It is a big blow for our Botswana Province since we lost our professional and dedicated provincial treasurer. The Lord has given and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Please, use this blog for your condolences, share your memories of Lutwin, share your prayers with us. Thank you. You can send other information to my e-mail: mareko.svd@gmail.com

The information on the funeral will be given later and it will be published on this page as well. Please, inform other people who knew Bro. Lutwin about this page.

In Love of the Word,

Fr. Mareko Marciniak, svd, provincial superior - Botswana Province

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Provincial Treasurer  of the Botswana Province of the SVD
Manager of the Mater Spei College in Francistown
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Memorial Mass for Bro. Lutwin Dollwet, SVD
Friday, 21st November 2014 - time: 7:30 a.m.
Our Lady of the Desert Cathedral in Francistown